Weekend in Review: Thompson’s Uncut Budget, the M.T.A’s Last Savior

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff came away from meeting Barack Obama with "a view of the next president as a non-ideological pragmatist who was willing to both listen and lead," according to the Washington Post.

The insurance fund for claims from Ground Zero workers has spent $172 million on legal fees and $320,00 on those workers.

After a protracted battle by Michael Bloomberg's top aides, the city won a free suite at Yankee Stadium in exchange for 250 free parking spaces–for "America's richest team," the Daily News points out.

Unlike every other agency, Comptroller Bill Thompson's office did not have to cut its budget. It says this is because it found other revenue sources, but then there might be political motivations, too.

The M.T.A. needs another David Rockefeller.

Both the Washington Post and The New York Times have now called for Charlie Rangel to relinquish his chairmanship of the House Ways and Means Committee.

A college student and child who lost his mother in 9/11 is very angry at Bill Clinton for failing to provide financial aid.

A parent writes, "In other words, under the governor's plan, 427,000 SUNY students (and/or their tuition-paying parents) would be enlisted to help balance the state budget."

The state Department of Environmental Conservation holds its final hearing on the impact of natural gas drilling on the state this week.

Assemblyman Anthony Seminario is looking for a plea deal, due to poor health and age.

Witnesses are being called to testify to a grand jury investigating Joe Bruno.

Betsy Gotbaum needs more bandwidth.

The latest chapter in the Bush administration's effort to open up public lands for oil and gas drilling threatens 500 sqare miles in eastern Utah, where numerous national parks are located.

Bush is also planning to issue new rules that will weaken workers' ability to protect themselves from hazardous substances.

The Post reports that lawmakers who went on a Carribean trip after the election appear to have failed to provide complete information about the trip's sponsors.

Samantha Power, who called Hillary Clinton a "monster" during the primaries, will be working on the team that helps the State Department with transition.

The Daily News reports Clinton was offered the chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee but turned it down to become secretary of state.

Ben reports that she was only offered a seat on the committee, not the chair.

That announcement is expected tomorrow.

Ooh, she's going to be there too.

The Chicago Tribune profiles the Obamas' relationship, and finds it very romantic.

Obama might look for a basketball game at Condi's gym.

Weekend in Review: Thompson’s Uncut Budget, the M.T.A’s Last Savior