What a Difference 15 CPW Makes!

Last week, we gave you (via PropertyShark‘s crackerjack research) the Manhattan zip codes with the most $5 million-and-up housing deals in 2008. That list, however, deliberately did not include The Plaza, 15 Central Park West and Time Warner Center.

The above does, and there’s a big difference between the two lists: Gone is the dominance of the Upper East Side.

Upper East Side zips claimed four of the top five spots on last week’s list. This week, with the three uber-expensive condo towers included, the Upper West Side tops the list. In fact, the number of $5 million deals in zip code 10023, which includes both 15 CPW and Time Warner, jumped from 33 without the duo to 135 with, and propelled 10023 to the top. What a Difference 15 CPW Makes!