What You Didn’t Know About Georgina Bloomberg

This morning, 25-year-old Georgina Bloomberg—daughter of Mayor Michael, little sister to 29-year-old Emma, accomplished equestrian—made a Page Six headline for claiming she was "not rich" despite owning nine horses and a BMW. Naturally, she got teased by a few websites for saying this. 

The quote was pulled out of an upcoming profile of Ms. Bloomberg in Page Six Magazine, to be published Sunday. But it also prompted a question: What do we really know about the young Ms. Bloomberg?

We’ve read things over the years about her being a professional equestrian and, oh yes, she was part of Jamie Johnson‘s Born Rich documentary. But unlike, say, Ivanka Trump, we haven’t exactly come to think of Ms. Bloomberg as a socialite, making appearances at everything from benefits and galas to movie premieres and sneaker launches. 

Here’s a little guide to Ms. Bloomberg to prepare you for whatever else her Sunday profile might disclose. 

1. Most recently, she has been linked to Irish show-jumping star Cian O’Connor, 27, whom she met through her trainer. Prior to that, she dated another Irish horseman (also introduced to her by her trainer) named Declan Orpen

2. In 2007, Forbes named Ms. Bloomberg the fourth most intriguing billionaire heiress; she was outranked by Marta Ortega Perez, daughter of fashion entrepreneur Amancio Ortega; Delphine Arnault Gancia, daughter of LVMH chairman Bernard Arnault; and Vanisha Mittal Bhatia, daughter of Indian industrialist Lakshmi Mittal. Ms. Bloomberg is reportedly worth $11.5 billion. 

3. Also in 2007 she told the New York Times about her life plans: "Devote 10 more years to a riding career that has produced two broken collarbones, two broken wrists, two concussions and a broken back along with ample trophies; establish a horse business; marry and start a family by 35." (The girl has a plan!)

4. From the same profile: her nickname is "George."  

5. Ms. Bloomberg spends time with her mother, Susan Brown, at a farmhouse in North Salem, N.Y., and also has apartments in New York City and Wellington, Fla. 

6. In Born Rich, then a 20-year-old Ms. Bloomberg, said, "Having the last name Bloomberg sucks."

7. She has a pierced tongue and once wore a $1600 gown while riding a horse. 

8. Ms. Bloomberg’s trainer—the same one who introduced her to Mr. O’Connor—James Doyle, was once accused of abusing a former student, but was acquitted of all charges. The entire Bloomberg family attended the trial and hugged Mr. Doyle when the verdict was announced.

9. She attended—and may still attend—New York University, where she studies "Sports Managament."

10. Ms. Bloomberg started a charity called Rider’s Closet in 2006 which collects used riding clothes for collegiate riding teams that are unable to afford them.

What You Didn’t Know About Georgina Bloomberg