Why is Jim Carrey in Yes Man?

If you’re like us, you spent Thanksgiving Day watching the Tennessee Titans eviscerate the winless Detroit Lions 47-10. Boring blowouts like that tend to cause the mind to wander, which ours did while seeing yet another television spot for Jim Carrey’s Yes Man. While the trailer has been out for months and posters for the film adorn subway stations from Coney Island to Yankee Stadium, we hadn’t really given the Peyton Reed directed comedy much thought until faced with watching yet another Lions turnover. The short of it all is that Yes Man looks pretty terrible. But here are three reasons why its mere existence actually confuses our very being.

Jim Carrey can’t really open this movie!

Poor Jim Carrey is well on his way to joining Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks in the bargain bin of former 90s megastars. While in the right vehicle, any of those men can open a movie into the box office stratosphere (think Mr. Hanks’ Dan Brown adaptations), mostly they are expensive albatrosses that will never bring back the kind of coin they used to. Mr. Carrey’s appearance in Yes Man is even more disappointing because we figured, at this point in his career, he’d be past staring in these types of movies. We want more Eternal Sunshines and less Bruce Almightys! His next film, I Love You Phillip Morris, where he stars as Ewan McGregor’s boyfriend, should be his norm going forward.

Jim Carrey is too old to star in this movie!

Let’s play a numbers game: Mr. Carrey is 46-years-old. Not "old" by any measure, but certainly too old to be wooing 28-year-old Zooey Deschanel and partying with 33-year-old Bradley Cooper and 32-year-old Danny Masterson as he does in Yes Man. This crazy age discrepancy probably has a lot to do with the fact that Yes Man was originally a book by British author Danny Wallace, who was only 29-years-old when it was published. Wasn’t James Franco (or someone like him) available to star?

Jim Carrey already made this movie!

If you’re able to tell the difference between Yes Man and Mr. Carrey’s 1997 film Liar, Liar you are a better person than we are. Congratulations!

Yes Man opens in theaters on December 19th.

Why is Jim Carrey in Yes Man?