Wolf Blitzer, David Paterson and a Mysterious Rosy Scenario

ALBANY—David Paterson appeared on CNN this afternoon to talk about—well, it wasn't clear.

Ostensibly, the appearance was about his efforts to bridge a $1.5 billion budget deficit (and get a head start on next year's shortfalls) in a special session next week. But also the question of the day: what he knows about Hillary Clinton's prospects of becoming secretary of state, and who might replace her in the Senate.

He didn't say anything earth-shattering. (Full transcript here.) But anchor Wolf Blitzer's last question, and Paterson's answer, bear sharing:

PATERSON: Well it's very hard for a lot of our legislative leaders, and also our advocates, our unions, people in the fields that are going to have their growth reduced, to accept it. It's very hard. I don't think they fully appreciate the seriousness of our budget deficit. Our national deficit is a trillion dollars, and what we've got to recognize is this is the worst downturn in our economy since the Great Depression, and if we want to avoid going through what California went through, we've got to get back to Albany and get to work.


Around Albany, the forecast next week calls for plenty. Of. Turmoil.


Wolf Blitzer, David Paterson and a Mysterious Rosy Scenario