1 Million Facebook Users Plan Blackout to Show Mark Zuckerberg Who’s Boss

More than 1 million Facebook users have signed up to boycott Facebook on December 15th, in retaliation to the service’s recent changes. "Friends account deleted, Limited in sending message or poking, stupid new layout! Administrators don’t care about what we think," according to the Facebook Blackout cause page on… um, Facebook. "[W]hat will happen if we all decide to stay off of facebook for 1 day"?

The group encourages members to not log in for 24 hours on December 15th. But before logging off, they request that users replace their current profile picture with the "Facebook Blackout" logo.

Last September, thousands of Facebook users created similar boycotts after Facebook integrated its News Feed service, which enabled users to see their friends most recent activity—when people become friends, when new photos, events and notes are posted, etc. The new feature sent privacy freaks into a tizzy. But News Feed is still there, and Mr. Zuckerberg seemed to shrug off the opposition. Mr. Zuckerberg’s team recently added Facebook Connect, which follows users off Facebook and onto other sites, noting their activities at places like CitySearch and Fandango.com.

A boycott might not make a big difference to Mr. Zuckerberg’s plans in the long run. But we hope against hope that he’ll put a stop to this Snowball Wars application. The next "friend" who throws a "snowball" at us is getting "removed." 1 Million Facebook Users Plan Blackout to Show Mark Zuckerberg Who’s Boss