VSL:WEB // Art installations you’ll actually enjoy

The young, Los Angeles–based installation artist Ana Serrano enjoys working with “mundane and familiar material” — in other words, she makes stuff out of cardboard. But the stuff itself is more fun, and more thought-provoking, than the artspeak catalog copy would lead you to expect.

Take Chaliano
a six-foot-tall gunslinger who reminds us of the Marlboro Man and C-3PO. Or Cartonlandia — an absurdly detailed cardboard metropolis that looks like a 21st-century Tower of Babel and comes complete with shrubbery, telephone poles, and picket fences. Zoom in on the latter, and you’ll see a young woman staring wistfully from a balcony: Is that Serrano herself, looking out over the city she’s made? If so, we’re looking back — and applauding.

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