Andrews praises departing Chertoff

On the day Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff came back to his hometown to address students at Kean University in the waning days of his term of service with the Bush administration, U.S. Rep. Rob Andrews (D-Haddon Heights) took a moment to access his legacy.

“We were fortunate to have a person of Secretary Chertoff's abilities and level of commitment serving our country,” said Andrews said in a statement. “He served well at a difficult time.”

In his speech at Kean, the Union County-born secretary expressed frustration with the traditional committee system in Congress.

A member of the House Armed Services Committee, Andrews said he agreed with Chertoff that too many congressional committees oversee the Department of Homeland Security.

“(Homeland Security) officials have too many congressional committees to which they have to answer,” Andrews said. “Congress should put jurisdiction over this Department largely under the Homeland Security Committee only. This will improve oversight and help the department to do a better job.”

Andrews praises departing Chertoff