Another Auto-Bailout, Rahm Complains of Threats

The Bush administration says it will do something to save the auto industry. [MW]

To no surprise, Ed Rendell "did not hold back" in criticizing Obama's approach to the Blagojevich affair. [Politico]

Rahm Emanuel may have spoken with Rod Blagojevich about Obama's Senate seat, according to a report. [Fox Chicago]

Emanuel is livid over such reports, and says he has been getting death threats. [ABC]

Randy Kuhl's staff is also taking it easy. [Star Gazette]

Long Island City Hospital doctors and internists have unionized as part of a push to save the hospital. [Cobble Hill Blog via BHB]

Colin Powell on Sarah Palin: "I was raised in the South Bronx, and there’s nothing wrong with my value system." [TP

Sadly, Liz Benjamin will not be the next senator from New York. [DP]

Another Auto-Bailout, Rahm Complains of Threats