Another Lost Season Five Sneak Peak: Jack and Ben Order Room Service

At the rate ABC is doling out clips from the season premiere of Lost, we might get to see the entire thing before it airs on January 21st. The network was kind enough to release yet another early stocking stuffer, a sneak peek at what we can expect from season five. We’re happy to report that while the earlier clip centered on boring old Kate and her tow-headed fake son Aaron, the new footage deals with our two favorite maniacal and manipulative assholes: Jack and Ben.

Obviously there isn’t a lot of real information to be gleaned from the just over ninety seconds, but some of what we can expect from the season premiere is coming into focus. As we had thought, the Ocean’s Eleven-like recruiting plot is going to take center stage in the early days: Jack and Ben have to team up to convince the rest of The Oceanic Six to go back to the Island. Sounds good! While you ponder that, here are three other things we noticed.

Jack shaved!

For us, the best part of post-Island-life-Jack–besides all the pill-popping and self-destructive behavior, of course–was the feral merkin that latched onto his face. If watching movies has taught us anything (hello Half Nelson!), it’s that when men grow beards, they are experiencing some internal conflict. Now that he’s shaved his, Jack must be well on his way towards returning to society. Or the Island. Whichever.

Ben packed!

You have to love Ben; the guy has turned into a criminal mastermind, the likes of which James Bond has never seen, and yet he still had time to pack an overnight bag. We’re not really sure what to make of Ben’s wardrobe, but it kind of looks like George Clooney’s casual wear from Ocean’s Thirteen.

They lied!

Ben: "Did [Locke] tell you what happened to them after the Island moved?"

Jack: "No. No he didn’t."

Ben: "Then I guess we’ll never know."

Ha! Yeah, right! Ben, we know your shifty-eyed look. We’re definitely going to know what happened to everyone after the Island moved. (Probably in an awesome Sweeps Week episode.) And Jack, be more transparent with your denials. Of course Locke (or Jeremy Bentham, whatever he’s calling himself) told Jack what happened to the others… it’s most likely why he almost took a header off the bridge back in season three. But, we’ll forgive these two for fibbing; how could we expect anything less from them when they’ve made telling lies an art form over the last two seasons. We wouldn’t believe them if they told us today was December 16th.

Another Lost Season Five Sneak Peak: Jack and Ben Order Room Service