Back Together Blur Plays Hyde Park Next Year

With reunion rumors a dime a dozen these days, it’s nice to get actual confirmation that a band is getting back together… particularly when the band is Blur. Early last month, we noted that Damon Albarn had hinted at a Blur reunion after he and guitarist Graham Coxon had lunch together. “He’s great, it’s fantastic to get my old friend back,” Albarn said of Coxon at the time. “So it’s good but I can’t really say any more than that."

Well, now he can. According to the band’s own website (via Pitchfork), the original crew—that’s Albarn, Coxon, bassist Alex James, and drummer Dave Rowntree—will perform together for the first in nine years at London’s Hyde Park on Friday, July 3rd. (Tickets go on sale this Friday, December 12th at 9 a.m.) There aren’t any more gigs planned at the moment nor is a new album in the works, though we’re hopeful for more goodies if the Hyde Park show goes well.

In this nifty little video officially announcing Blur’s reunion on today, Coxon says (somewhat enigmatically) of the band’s latest rehearsals, “There was a bit of corrosion I think in the way we played the songs, but this was all not to do with the group or anything personal. It was to do with a lot of little experiences in our little worlds. We were all having some strange stuff going on.” Though now, for the most part anyway, “it’s like riding a bike.” As for Rowntree: “What we had before was a real energy about our live performances. That’s what we’ve got to recapture, I think.” Here’s hoping they can. Back Together Blur Plays Hyde Park Next Year