Barron: Time for Bush, Not Mugabe, to Go

Councilman Charles Barron is taking umbrage with President Bush for today's declaration that it's "time for Robert Mugabe to go."

Bush's denunciation wouldn't exactly constitute a controversial stand in most of the developed world these days, what with the food shortages, cholera, dictatorial press crackdowns and subversion of democracy that have taken place in Zimbabwe under Mugabe's rule.

But Barron, who hosted Mugabe at an event in City Hall several years ago, said, “Bush is a hypocrite. He can’t talk about human rights violations when he violated the human rights of people in Iraq, Afghanistan and New Orleans.”

Barron went on to say, “He just needs to sail off into the sunset” — referring to Bush — and “I’m hoping Obama is open to talking to Robert Mugabe as he said he is with talking to the leaders of Iran. I hope he is as open with Mugabe as he is as open with leaders of other countries we don’t see eye-to-eye with.”

Barron said Mugabe was accepted as a legitimate world leader, including by the United States, up until “he took land from white farmers. The minute he tried to take the land back that was stolen from his people, he was vilified.”

Barron: Time for Bush, Not Mugabe, to Go