VSL:WEB // New Journalism starts here

For its 75th anniversary, Esquire is delivering more than the usual advice on sex, suits, and single malts: The magazine has pulled seven seminal articles out of its archives and offered them up — free — online.

The pieces range chronologically from Norman Mailer’s first-person account of the 1960 Democratic Convention to C. J. Chivers’s harrowing article on the 2004 siege of a Russian school by Chechen terrorists. Sandwiched in between is Gay Talese’s 1966 masterpiece “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold.” The author — who never got to interview his subject — tailed him for three months and emerged with an article that practically defined New Journalism (and may just be the greatest celebrity profile ever written). No, Esquire’s not the magazine it used to be. But the articles that made its reputation haven’t dated a bit.

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