Blagojevich’s New York Guy

A local detail on today's big story:

Long before Rod Blagojevich was taken into custody, he employed as a deputy governor Bradley Tusk, who New York political types may remember as the young high-achiever who worked for Michael Bloomberg and, before that, for Senator Chuck Schumer and, before that, for former city parks commissioner Henry Stern.

In New York, Tusk helped Bloomberg create a program to make public schools “more parent-friendly” and produce the “Thank You America” video in the aftermath of the country’s outpouring of support following the 2001 terrorist attacks. He also was a point person on the mayor's attempt to compile a list of campaign promises for purposes of public self-assessment, and he served “the Mayor’s liaison to a number of political organizations and civic and religious institutions.”

Tusk eventually left his job with Blagojevich to work for the equally ill-fated Lehman Brothers.

UPDATE: More than a detail: he’ll be managing Bloomberg’s reelection campaign. The Post reported it, citing sources, last month.

Blagojevich’s New York Guy