Bloomberg for Kennedy, Rangel Versus the Press

Michael Bloomberg would be thrilled with another Senator Kennedy. [Ben]

Charlie Rangel has no intention of stepping down, and does not think reporters should be in the position of suggesting he should. Also: "I think the reporter should crawl from under his rock and apologize to my son." [CNN]

Condi invited Hillary to dinner. [First Read]

A conservative blogger supports Brian Higgins' idea to tear down the Buffalo Skyway, but isn't sure Higgins is serious about it. [Buffalo Bean]

The Thruway Authority is drawing criticism from local media for failing to maintain a Buffalo bridge. [Buffalo Pundit]

Moira Moynihan laments the state of the Moynihan Station project, which has not moved forward since David Paterson devoted a speech to it in September. [The Real Estate]

Forest City Enterprises, the parent company of Forest City Ratner, has suspended the payment of dividends to preserve liquidity. [AP]

Randy Kuhl says goodbye. [Monroe Rising]

Bloomberg for Kennedy, Rangel Versus the Press