Bloomberg Notes That Caroline’s Backing the ‘Other Guy’

Michael Bloomberg tried downplaying the idea that U.S. Senate candidate Caroline Kennedy is too close to him, seizing on comments made by her aides about backing the Democratic candidate in next year’s mayoral race as proof.

Before giving out food to children at City Hall restaurant, Bloomberg was asked about criticism of Kennedy based on the idea, voiced by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, that she might be “beholden” to him.

Bloomberg said, “The last time I read what Caroline Kennedy said, she said she was going to vote for the other guy. I don’t know how that makes her beholden to me.”

He went on to say, “It’s kind of hard to argue that she’s beholden to me. None of these people are beholden to anyone once they get into office. Hopefully they’ll be beholden to the public.”

Bloomberg brushed aside questions about whether his “other guy” comment was an indication that he would not seek the Democratic line for re-election. Currently, he is not enrolled in any party.

Bloomberg Notes That Caroline’s Backing the ‘Other Guy’