Bloomberg: Reckoning Coming for New York City

Here’s Michael Bloomberg not being overly optimistic about all the federal money that may be coming to New York from Washington D.C.

Chuck Schumer and other officials have said recently that New York could get as much as $5 billion from Washington for transportation funding. Others note that even more money could come here for Medicaid.

But the money would first go to Albany, where lawmakers would then decide how to use it.

Bloomberg, speaking to reporters at a press conference about increased tourism in the city, said, “I don’t know what they’re going to do with that.”

He also said, “I think the money should come directly to the cities throughout this county so the state governments can’t use them, particularly state governments that keep ratcheting up their expenses” and where lawmakers don’t think “that the reckoning comes. I can tell you that the reckoning is coming for our city.”

Bloomberg: Reckoning Coming for New York City