Bloomberg to The View: Caroline Would Be Great. Others, Too.

ALBANY—Michael Bloomberg says he knows who he would appoint to the U.S. Senate, but isn't sharing.

In an appearance this morning on The View, Bloomberg was asked whether he would be supporting Caroline Kennedy in her now-public courtship of David Paterson, following the path of his aide Kevin Sheekey. He said he wasn't going to get invovled, more or less what he said earlier this week.

"If it were my call to pick somebody, I'd know exactly. I can't tell you, because I'd be getting involved," he said to Barbara Walters. "I should stay out of this race, it's up to Governor Paterson, he's lucky to have a number of different candidates. I was asked about Caroline Kennedy, she's very competent, she's done a lot for New York City."

Whoopi Goldberg then asked whether it should be the governor's decision alone.

"I don't happen to think that it's the best idea to have the governor just pick somebody," Bloomberg said. "That person has a distinct advantage the next time there's a special election or the next regular election. Having said that, that's the system. So, you know, Paterson could pick any one of a number of people who would do a good job. What you want to have in a senator is not, ‘What's their position on immigration?,' not, ‘What's their position on health care.' You develop that and your staff does that. You want someone who is smart, who can get access, who will hire good advisers, who has character."

The panel pressed: Is that Caroline Kennedy?

"Yes, but there are other people as well." Bloomberg to The View: Caroline Would Be Great. Others, Too.