Bloomberg’s Non-Opposition to Obama

Kevin Sheekey is making an argument for Caroline Kennedy in the Senate on the grounds that she endorsed Barack Obama, while the New York Democratic establishment "turned its back” on him.

But what about Sheekey’s boss, Michael Bloomberg, who did not endorse any candidate during the presidential primaries or during the general election?

Bloomberg aides don't see much of a contradiction in the positions, or an issue.

Over email, spokesman Stu Loeser said, “With the exception of handful of State and City legislators, Mike Bloomberg is the only office holder at any level in New York City who did not endorse against the incoming President."

Sheekey, also over email, elaborated on his remarks this morning. He wrote: “Wake up. This isn’t about politics or political parties but about who can best work with Barack Obama to deliver for New York.”

Bloomberg’s Non-Opposition to Obama