Busy Nobel Prize Winner Dabbles in LOLConomics

According to Reuters, Paul Krugman is in Stockholm, Sweden to collect some sort of fancy prize for the work the does when not writing his twice-weekly column for The New York Times.

While we’re Mr. Krugman is very excited about the $1.3 million he’s receiving for this thing, we were a little surprised to see that in his absence, his Times-hosted blog, The Conscience of a Liberal, has turned into a repository for LOLCats.

Under the headline Limited posting for the next few days, Mr. Krugman presents the image at right with the brief note:

I feel guilty about not saying more re the auto bailout, the Obama stimulus plan, and more. But I’m sort of at the beck and call of others right now. Dismal business as usual will resume Sunday.

At least he didn’t ask a colleague (for the time being) to fill in for him. Then again, if he had, it might’ve made even less sense.


Busy Nobel Prize Winner Dabbles in LOLConomics