Caroline Says She’s an ‘Unconventional’ Choice, She’s Not Campaigning

ALBANY–Caroline Kennedy sat for an interview with the Associated Press.

Details out later, but the AP moved a brief in which Kennedy, who is seeking appointment to a U.S. Senate seat, called herself "an unconventional choice" and said she knows she'll have to work hard to prove herself because of her famous name.

The fact that making herself available for formal interviews should mean the end of theme that Kennedy is the Sarah Palin of New York, based on how she's dealt with the media.  But the "unconventional" claim could well end up as the punchline of a whole new line of gags from her critics. 

UPDATE: Kennedy also insists in the interview that her "listening tour" through upstate New York and a round of phone calls to elected officials are not a campaign for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Hillary Clinton.

"I was trying to respect the process. It is not a campaign," she told the Associated Press while eating a grilled cheese and bacon sandwich at a Manhattan diner. Her approach has been "misinterpreted," she told the A.P.

She also said, "I understand that public servants have to be accessible."

UPDATE: She tells NY1 that she might have run a long time ago if her name weren't Kennedy, and proposes to keep up a Schumeresque pace upstate.


Caroline Says She’s an ‘Unconventional’ Choice, She’s Not Campaigning