Caroline’s Thoughts on Public Service, Six Years Ago

ALBANY—A reader sent along this interview that WNYC's Leonard Lopate conducted with Caroline Kennedy in 2002.

She was talking about an updated edition of Profiles in Courage, the Pulitzer-prize winning book her father penned, when Lopate asked her whether she had any political aspirations (around 7:15 on the tape), noting that John F. Kennedy had been inspired to run for the presidency by writing the original edition:

"Um, well, you know, I don't think this book will work a similar…transformation," Caroline said. "But I really am interested in the issues and I think it's wonderful for people to get involved, people who are in politics find it so rewarding and I think it's a wonderful thing to do. I think everyone should participate as best they can. There are many ways to serve and make things better." Caroline’s Thoughts on Public Service, Six Years Ago