Carrion Says He’s Still Campaigning for Comptroller

Adolfo Carrion, who is reportedly told college students at Yale that he will be getting a job with the Obama administration, said he is still a candidate for City Comptroller in next year’s elections, and declined to talk about the speculation that he’ll take a job in Washington.

“I’m not interested in talking,” Carrion said with a smile when I and another reporter confronted him in the lobby of a midtown hotel tonight after a fund-raiser for Governor David Paterson.

When I asked him about the report of his comments made at Yale, including the fact the he had received a congratulatory call from Hillary Clinton, Carrion said it had been a misunderstanding.

“No, no I didn’t. I called to congratulate her actually. Somebody turned it around. I called Hillary to congratulate her and wish her well,” he said.

Then, before he reached the hotel’s exit, I asked if he was still “actively” campaigning for comptroller in next year’s city elections.

“I’m still a candidate for comptroller,” Carrion said. Carrion Says He’s Still Campaigning for Comptroller