Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion is reportedly being considered for (and accepting!) an appointment as Barack Obama’s secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

One thing Carrion didn’t do is purchase his own domain name, Andy Wolf, publisher of the Bronx Press and Riverdale Review, did.

Here’s what the site says of Carrion’s housing record:

The idea that Carrion could be tapped to fill a cabinet post probably even surprised the borough president, yet this is a serious rumor. But there has been no overwhelming housing boom in The Bronx, at least not one that Carrion could take any credit for. As for urban development, the major projects that have moved forward in The Bronx during the past seven years were all generated out of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office.

Along with a lengthy, unflattering screed on Carrion, Wolf also posted a bunch of Carrion cartoons.