Comptroller DiNapoli Likes Comptroller Thompson for Mayor

City Comptroller Bill Thompson’s mayoral campaign, which he’s been aggressively rolling out this week, got what sounded quite a lot like an endorsement from fellow Democrat Tom DiNapoli, the state comptroller.

Both attended a breakfast in lower Manhattan hosted by labor and construction groups, where DiNapoli said, “Comptroller experience, now that I’ve had it, I think is a wonderful training ground for executive leadership, including being the mayor.”

The audience applauded and Thompson, who was sitting at the dais in front of the crowd, just smiled.

I left before the program ended, but did catch DiNapoli’s advocacy of the auto industry bailout.

He said 30,000 people in New York state are directly employed by the auto industry, with an additional 200,000 employed in “auto-related”
industries. Overall, that contributes 12 billion to the state’s economy, he said.

“Congress and Washington does need to do something to rescue the auto industry,” DiNapoli. He went on to say, “Wall Street, the auto industry, these are key underpinnings of our economy.” Comptroller DiNapoli Likes Comptroller Thompson for Mayor