Cuomo Mum on Caroline as Senator

ALBANY—Attorney General Andrew Cuomo ducked repeated questions about whether he's interested in taking Hillary Clinton's U.S. Senate seat.

 "I have a job, I'm the attorney general of the State of New York, I have my hands full doing it, I enjoy doing it," he said after announcing proposals to reduce the size of local government. "I don't think it's appropriate for me to be commenting on the governor's process. I don't think it's helpful, I don't think it's productive, and I think the governor was right to say there's a media frenzy on it."

Cuomo added it would be "presumptuous" to say whether or not he was interested in the seat. His name was mentioned early on as a potential replacement for Clinton, because of his name recognition, experience, and the belief that his elevation to the post would behoove the governor politically.

A poll released earlier this week found Cuomo is now tied among New York voters with Caroline Kennedy – the daughter of the assassinated president – as top choice to replace Clinton. Kennedy reportedly spoke with the governor about the seat.

Cuomo was also asked whether he believed Kennedy was qualified, and said only "that's up to the governor." (See video below)

Earlier this week, Comptroller Tom DiNapoli was more direct. Cuomo Mum on Caroline as Senator