Watch the British ‘Battlestar Galactica’

Sure, you can catch the 1,373rd re-airing of A Christmas Story on TBS this week. But we recommend watching BBC America’s marathon run of Doctor Who episodes instead.

The good Doctor — who travels the time-space continuum armed with little more than a “sonic screwdriver,” a wry sense of humor, and a knack for thwarting aliens bent on conquering the planet — has been delighting fans for decades: The show’s been a cult favorite since it debuted, in England, in 1963. And its present incarnation — which premiered in 2005, after a 16-year hiatus — has attracted devoted fans on both sides of the Atlantic. BBC America, which is broadcasting the new Who all week, is screening the series’s stand-alone Xmas specials on Wednesday: “Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion” (2005), “The Runway Bride” (2006), and last year’s “Voyage of the Damned” (look for guest star Kylie Minogue!). This year’s holiday special isn’t scheduled for U.S. broadcast yet, but enterprising fans can preorder it from the BBC or Amazon UK. Our advice? Order the DVD, tape the whole week, and watch judiciously: The next new season won’t start until 2010.

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