Elsewhere: Caroline’s iPod, Sam Hoyt’s Railroad Dreams

Caroline Kennedy's interviews are like Ted Kennedy's Roger Mudd moment, says Dan Janison.

Amid the conflict in Israel, Josh Isay and Bill Knapp pivot their presidential race and launch a "rally around the flag" campaign.

Talk shows are the new editorial boards, apparently.

Westchester Magazine predicts Michael Bloomberg will win next year's mayor's race.

Bill Ritter notes the exceptionally young age of the president's spokesman.

Alex Pareene wants Bloomberg and Mark Penn, among others, to be unemployed next year.

More on Caroline Kennedy: "Her iPod is filled with Al Green, Grateful Dead, and Bob Marley." 

A YouTube commenter makes the case for Carolyn Maloney. 

Palestinians in Bay Ridge.

 The Working Families Party tries to pressure to Pedro Espada and Ruben Diaz Sr.

Barack Obama's inauguration committee has gotten $128,250 from people of Westchester. 

Bernie Kerik has pleaded not guilty.

 A Bronx reporter wonders where Bloomberg got "the reckoning" lingo from.

Latinos for Norman Siegel have a party on January 5.

Sam Hoyt is big on high-speed rail.

It might be wise to apply quickly for STAR rebates, before David Paterson cuts them.

Here's video of "In the Papers" with Pat Kiernan, a master of the genre.

Elsewhere: Caroline’s iPod, Sam Hoyt’s Railroad Dreams