Elsewhere: Cuomo’s Healthy Fund-Raising, More Recession Evidence!

In case more evidence were needed, New York State is in a recession.

"Bonus-killer" Andrew Cuomo raised a lot of money at his 51st birthday party.

Vito Fossella either is, or is not, planning a bid to reclaim his congressional seat in 2010.

Gubernatorial aide Carl Andrews is leaving amid accusations he inappropriately intervened with the State Liquor Authority on behalf of the restaurant Cipriani.

Dean Skelos reportedly said David Paterson should pick Andrew Cuomo to fill the U.S. Senate vacancy coming up.

Eliot Spitzer will be a bi-weekly Slate columnist, starting tomorrow.

The students subpoenaed to appear in court regarding their registration for the Gennaro-Padavan election were not made to testify.

State Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr. opposes same-sex marriage, but is supporting a judge who voted to legalize it.

Here's the lawsuit from Vinny Gentile and Jimmy Oddo, who are trying to force Michael Bloomberg to release the $400 rebate checks for homeowners.

David Paterson apologizes for the delay in getting aid to Haiti.

It behooves Rod Blagojevich to appoint an African-American to fill Obama's Senate seat.

Some Latinos feel Bill Richardson got stiffed.

Obama's legal team met with retired generals who want to see an end to George W. Bush's torture policy. Elsewhere: Cuomo’s Healthy Fund-Raising, More Recession Evidence!