Elsewhere: Happy Holidays

Save some real late-breaking news, we’re wrapping up early today. But before we go…

David Paterson is due to land at LaGuardia Airport around 2:30 p.m., finishing up a three-day trip to Iraq, Afghanistan and Germany. He wants to wish you a happy holiday, live and online, and even answer some reporters' questions.

Dean Skelos declared a holiday for staffers, and collected foodstuffs for the needy back home.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was there for the lighting of the world’s largest menorah.

State Senator Jeff Klein fought holiday evictions.

Democratic Leader Malcolm Smith wrote President Obama to ask that he focus on foreclosures.

Over 500 people showed up to the Diaz Christmas party.

Andrew Cuomo is fighting to make sure holiday gift cards are honored.

And the DMV is letting someone try to GETOSAMA for the holidays.

The latest Google ad from the mayor asks: “Who is Mike Bloomberg?” and answers: “Philanthropist, Businessman, Mayor of NYC. Leader on sustainability.”

Michael Bloomberg met with influential Jewish leaders yesterday.

“[H]omelessness is soaring and the Bloomberg administration is boasting of how they the system is working,” writes Gabe Pressman.

If elected, Mark Weprin would be one of the few city council members with kids in public school.

City Hall will have big-screen televisions on display for the public to watch Obama swearing-in (something the Council press office says they didn’t do four or eight years ago).

Safe neighborhoods are becoming more dangerous, says the Village Voice.

The Women on the web praise Caroline Kennedy, saying if she goes to the Senate, she “won’t be in it for the money.”

Maggie Haberman is everywhere.

Holiday wishes from incoming City Councilwoman Liz Crowley and outgoing Senator Serf Maltese.

Anthony Weiner has an op-ed about using Homeland Security Grants to protect non-profits.

And here's some footage of Bloomberg lighting a really big menorah. Elsewhere: Happy Holidays