Elsewhere: Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy, Espada for B.P.?

Caroline Kennedy: "I'm a Kennedy Democrat, a Clinton Democrat, [Sen. Charles] Schumer, Barack Obama."

Kennedy lunched at Sylvia's with 40 reporters and Al Sharpton.

Lots of Bloomberg people are pushing for her.

Wayne Barrett paints an ominous picture of a Knickerbocker SKD empire–if Kennedy gets it.

Liz looks into Republican math.

Pedro Espada–who despite creating an enormous headache for Malcolm Smith, has not yet been sworn in as a state senator–is thinking about running for Bronx borough president, since the opportunity is now open.

The R.P.A. maps the M.T.A.’s service cuts.

A state authority approves eminent domain for Columbia to expand into Harlem.

The state says the toxic plume in Victor is not dangerous; others disagree.

As if more evidence were needed, unemployment is up.
Admiral Dennis Blair will be Obama's director of intelligence, reportedly.

Gay rights activists may find the Rick Warren thing to be particularly foreboding because of their experience with Bill Clinton.

The 9 is here. Elsewhere: Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy, Espada for B.P.?