Elsewhere: King on 2010, Fossella Against Another Bailout

Pete King says, on TV, whether or not he runs for Senate in 2010 is "really a question of money."

Had Malcolm Smith not backed out of his deal with the Gang of Three, "the gay community would have had little choice but to declare war on the Democrats," writes the Gay City News.

Nita Lowey blogs about global reproductive rights--the sort of issue that appeals to women's groups pushing candidates to replace Hillary Clinton. (And yes, she has declared herself out of the running for the position.)

Andrew Cuomo and Tom DiNapoli are competing for traction on the same legislative initiative–consolidating local government.

Buffalo Pundit is thrilled with Cuomo's proposal.

The Wonkster rounds up criticism of the idea of Adolfo Carrion in the Obama administration.

The Empire State Development Corporation, in keeping with the times, has a modest holiday party. 

Matt Hampton describes the scene outside Frank Padavan's office. 

The chances of passing this auto bailout in the Senate are dwindling.

When it was in the House, Vito Fossella voted against it.

There aren't quite zero Southern accents in the Obama administration so far.

Tom Daschle was named both H.H.S. secretary and also director of the new White House Office of Health Reform.

This looks to be what Obama will do with that extensive, now idle volunteer network.

In the comments section, santos proposes Judith Kaye for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat.

Also in the comments section, a lively debate about horse-drawn carriages and crying children.

And below, Dean Skelos saying Republicans will "not get involved in food fights." Elsewhere: King on 2010, Fossella Against Another Bailout