Elsewhere: Malcolm Claims 32 Votes, Massa Stands Against Cow Tax

State Senator Malcolm Smith says he'll have 32.

David Paterson will probably stay out of the Senate leadership fight for the time being.

Nydia Velazquez, whose name has faded from U.S. Senate speculation recently, took herself out of the running.

John Riley defends Caroline Kennedy for Senate, writing, "a least she's a real New Yorker, unlike la Hillary."

Active Senate candidate Carolyn Maloney wins another round in her fight against human trafficking.

And she adopts a more reserved attitude when talking about the pursuit of Hillary Clinton's seat.

The city's plan to rescind the Cross Bay Bridge rebate has inflamed an old fight in the Rockaways.

The federal government is taking bids for a high-speed rail connection between New York and Washington; Jerry Nadler opposes privatizing.

Representative-elect Eric Massa opposes the Cow Tax.

The Staten Island Republican Party chairman is facing two challenges.

Some people are just waiting for Jessica Lappin to run for public advocate and vacate her City Council seat. [Link fixed]

Alan Flacks opens his calendar so disorganized politicos know where to go.

Peter Vallone, Jr. does some public venting about Michael Bloomberg.

Richie Fife still gets to elect Obama, literally.

Eliot Brown has a deep read on Azi's photo of Joe Sitt and Michal Bloomberg.

Elsewhere: Malcolm Claims 32 Votes, Massa Stands Against Cow Tax