Elsewhere: Monserrate May Be on Tape, M.T.A. May Charge $3 Per Ride

The Queens Times-Ledger is reporting that Councilman Hiram Monserrate was taped pulling his girlfriends hair outside his apartment building before he was arrested for assault.

Colleagues, however, are refraining from criticism.

Republicans want to keep Monserrate out of the State Senate after his arrest; Liz points out they failed to do the same for an indicted member of their own party several years ago.

It's the Monday before Christmas, and the M.T.A. warns that base fare could go to three dollars.

Second Avenue Sagas makes the argument that fare hikes are worse than bridge tolls.

Michael Bloomberg, who is still not endorsing Caroline Kennedy, thinks this whole Senate thing is "out of control."

Gotham Gazette solicits predictions for 2009; Azi writes in, "Kevin Sheekey leaves City Hall for Bloomberg's campaign, makes a lot of money and doesn't return."

A number of powerful unions, P.A.C.s and groups are organizing to get the Gang of Three back within the fold of Senate Democrats.

Representative-elect Eric Massa met with Republican Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks.

Sign of the times: too many drivers, not enough taxis.

The attorney who prosecuted Marc Rich told the Senate Judiciary Committee to confirm Eric Holder.

Barney Frank on Rick Warren: “I believe that he (Obama) overestimates his ability to get people to put aside fundamental differences.”

Here's what Obama wants you to say in two years.

Elsewhere: Monserrate May Be on Tape, M.T.A. May Charge $3 Per Ride