Elsewhere: State Senate Discontent, Franken’s Smallest Margin Ever

Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau, who is 27, appears in this photograph cozying up to a cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton. It surfaced, of course, on Facebook.

One non-beneficiary of Malcolm Smith’s deal with the State Senate's Gang of Three: Hiram Monserrate.

Gothamist calls the State Senate leadership agreement "splitting the baby."

Pedro Espada was awarded the position of majority leader, but he won't get any more money for it.
Not all Senate Democrats will go quietly into the new arrangement.

David Paterson denied reports he spoke to Caroline Kennedy about a Senate appointment. 

Chris Cillizza puts the odds that Tom Suozzi's will get Clinton's Senate at 15:1.

A fascinating, and not entirely flattering, look at the politics of recently deceased Bronx power-broker Ramon Velez.

Norman Oder, always observant, notes the Daily News has a habit of relegating Atlantic Yards news to the local section of the paper.

Like David Yassky, Melinda Katz sent a letter to constituents explaining her vote for the term-limits extension.

Carolyn Maloney co-wrote a letter to Barack Obama lobbying for the current FDIC chair to keep her job.

John Liu or Janette Sadik-Khan would do a "fine job" as Obama's transportation secretary, says a writer in Wired.

Geneologists have traced Michelle Obama's roots to a South Carolina plantation, where her great-great grandfather was a slave and then a sharecropper.

Hillary Clinton’s move to state could make a “major force” of the unflappable Huma Abedin.

Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius is reportedly a top candidate for secretary of agricultre.

Al Franken is claiming he has a four-vote lead!?

In an online poll, voters predicted only one of the candidates for Mike McMahon's Council seat will drop out. Not entirely surprisingly, it's the host of Staten Island Cranial Crunch, Wayne Miller. Elsewhere: State Senate Discontent, Franken’s Smallest Margin Ever