Elsewhere: The Rangel Dilemma, Monserrate’s Hospital

Caroline Kennedy seems to have charmed Randi Weingarten.

Everyone loves Charlie Rangel, which is going to make it tough to take his chairmanship away from him–if need be.

State Senator-elect Hiram Monserrate brought his injured girlfriend to a hospital that was not the closest to his house.

The House ethics panel ended its inquiry into Vito Fossella with no action.

Blackwater's donation to the Clinton Global Initiative may prove awkward.

But! today George W. Bush lowered the salary for the secretary of state, thus making Hillary's confirmation possible.

Obama's cabinet is complete.

A conservative blogger is not amused by NY-NOW's reprimand for Obama.

Michael Bloomberg backed off his plan to reorganize senior centers, which Christine Quinn opposes.

An education blog collects videos from the New School sit-in.

It was a very motley crew that gathered on Staten Island last night.

Obama is considering several scientists with backgrounds in fighting global warming as top advisors.

Rod Blagojevich is dying to tell us how innocent he is.

Al Franken is winning?

Elsewhere: The Rangel Dilemma, Monserrate’s Hospital