Elsewhere: Vito’s Sentence, Malcolm’s Obama Strategy

Vito Fossella got five days in the big house.

Malcolm Smith says this confusing leadership stuff is all part of the plan, and sort of like what Obama's doing.

Smith promised Long Islanders they will get something in the State Senate too.

Andrew Cuomo does not think that John Thain deserves a bonus.

Kerry Kennedy, Cuomo's ex-wife, is supporting her cousin Caroline for Senate.

Randi Weingarten for Senate?

David Paterson is shifting a part of Medicaid spending to preventative care and away from hospital stays–this will supposedly save money.

The nation's mayors asked the president-elect to give cities federal money, and to not give it to the nation's governors.

Despite a dangerous year in construction, the Building Congress wants the city to speed up the approval and oversight process for projects in preparation for a "windfall" of federal infrastructure funds.

Despite fiscal struggles, the M.T.A. is putting a talking kiosk in Penn Station.

Freedom's Watch–the moveon.org of the right–is shutting down. Because of the economy.

Here, supposedly, is the never-aired McCain campaign ad about Jeremiah Wright.

A Financial Times writer makes the case for a global government. Elsewhere: Vito’s Sentence, Malcolm’s Obama Strategy