Espada Still Not Straight With Elections Board

ALBANY—More than a month after Election Day, and a mere two weeks before he is due to be sworn in, State Senator-elect Pedro Espada has still not corrected records on file with the Board of Elections.

Bob Brehm, a spokesman for the Board, said that as of today, "nothing new has been filed," meaning Espada is still missing four required disclosure reports form the office. He faces fines of $500 related to each report. Additionally, Espada incorrectly accounted for contributions and expenditures through a political action committee, which has different disclosure requirements from a campaign committee.

"He had contacted us a number of weeks ago and said that they were working on it," Brehm said. "I believe that was the last time we heard from him, several weeks ago."

There is nothing preventing Espada from taking office if he doesn't settle up with the Board of Elections.

I tried to reach Espada on his cell phone and by calling an assistant, but he did not respond. The last time we spoke, Espada said it was a clerical error that would soon be corrected.

Espada has been in headlines – and something of a corner – for his unabashed criticism of State Senator Malcolm Smith, who is trying to round up the requisite 32 votes to become majority leader of his chamber. Democratic constituencies, including unions, are starting to bring pressure on Espada and fellow renegade senators. Espada Still Not Straight With Elections Board