Friends of Julissa Ferraras

An aide to City Council candidate Julissa Ferraras emailed to say she’s having several fund-raisers between now and January 11th, with a few notable hosts, including State Assemblyman Jose Peralta and City Council members Leroy Comrie, Diana Reyna and Letitia James.

The name-dropping shows some continuity of support among other elected officials despite the now-unhelpful qualification that was once perceived to be Ferraras' biggest strength: her job as chief of staff to Councilman Hiram Monserrate, who is supposed to be leaving the Council for the State Senate.

Monserrate was recently arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.

Before that, Ferraras was tied to a non-profit group whose financial relationship with Monserrate has been questioned.

Ferraras is running against Francisco Moya, a local resident, Democratic district leader, and political operative with ties like Democratic County Leader Joe Crowley and Governor David Paterson.


According to the latest campaign finance filings from July, Ferraras has more than $22,000. Moya has a little more than $1,000. Ferreras has said that she went on to raise $35,000. Friends of Julissa Ferraras