VSL:WEB // How to call a company and reach an actual person

GetHuman’s database of secret phone numbers tells you how to bypass the automated phone systems at impossible-to-reach companies like Apple — and speak to an actual, honest-to-goodness human being.

Founded by a Boston-based entrepreneur named Paul English, the site features codes you’ll need to reach operators at hundreds of companies — from Avis to Verizon — quickly. In many instances, it’s simply a matter of pressing 0 at each prompt (and ignoring whatever messages the company throws your way), but the IRS’s number does come with this ominous bit of advice: “Don’t press or say anything.” Meanwhile, the trick to United Health’s system might have been discovered by an obsessive-compulsive: Say “Representative” three times in a row, and one will be forthcoming. So bookmark now (the link comes to us courtesy of Coudal.com), or use at your convenience — either way, operators are standing by.

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