Google’s Back Pages: Search Engine Opens Virtual Newsstand [Update]

Lifehacker’s Gina Trapani brings word that Google has given magazine nerds an early Christmas present in the form of searchable magazine archives. (The announcement originally appeared on Google’s official blog.)

What can you find? At the moment, it only includes New York, Popular Science, and Ebony, but it’s still got a lot of great stuff.

Update, 5:05 p.m.: A Google rep emailed Media Mob (how do they keep track of everything online—oh, right) to tell us that the archive also includes Liberty, Jet, Ebony Jr., Baseball Digest, Black Belt, Men’s Health, and Prevention.

Check out New York‘s April 29, 1968 profile of Warhol superstar Viva, La Dolce Viva by Barbara L. Goldsmith with that famous nude photo by Diane Arbus that still packs a visceral punch. (Sadly, we couldn’t find Tom Wolfe’s "Tiny Mummies.")

Wanna learn what it was like to fly a jetpack? See Popular Science‘s November 1969 cover story.

Or check out Ebony‘s provocative August 1965 cover story, "The WHITE Problem in America." Google’s Back Pages: Search Engine Opens Virtual Newsstand [Update]