Governor’s Fee Cornucopia: Zima, iTunes, Cable, Cabs

ALBANY—As expected, David Paterson's proposed budget doesn't reduce the budget gap with, say, an increase on income tax on the wealthy, but raises fees and taxes on a veritable potpourri services and goods.

A sample:

— The sales tax will be extended to movie tickets and sporting events. If ticker issuers already use the existing rate, that's another four percents.

–Sales tax will be levied on taxis and limos.

— You'll also have to pay sales tax on cable or satellite TV and radio.

— The tax per cigar will rise 16 cents.

— Malt liquors like Olde English, Zima and Smirnoff Ice will be taxed in the same way as other alcoholic beverages. The taxes for beer and wine will both more than double to 51 cents per gallon of wine and cents 24 cents per gallon of beer.

— iTunes, too. State and local sales taxes will be extended to "digital property," which includes "digital audio, audio-visual and text files."

— A $50 fee is proposed for a four-page packet of forms used by driving schools in drivers education.

— You used to be able to buy clothes under $110 tax free. Now, those sales taxes will be restored for all but two weeks, when clothing and shoes under $500 will be tax free.

— Sodas and other fruit drinks containing less than 70 percent real fruit juice will be taxed at 18 percent.

Governor’s Fee Cornucopia: Zima, iTunes, Cable,  Cabs