Hughes recovering well from heart attack

Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes expects to leave the hospital within the next couple days after suffering a heart attack over the weekend, according to his half brother, Michael Murphy.

“I think he’s getting out in a day or two. He was anxious to get out and cooler medical heads prevailed. They said give yourself a little extra time,” said Murphy, a lobbyist and former gubernatorial candidate who chaired Rob Andrews’s U.S. senate primary run.

Hughes, the son of former Gov. Richard J. Hughes, was walking his family’s dog outside of his Princeton home on Sunday afternoon when he fell ill. A neighbor saw him and called an ambulance, which then took him to the University Medical Center at Princeton, where he’s been recuperating since then.

“It’s a bit of a wake up call… It was a mild cardiac episode, and there was very quick response. He’s very grateful to his neighbors and the squad in Princeton. The doctors there treated him quickly,” said Murphy. “He’s resilient, in good spirits and in good hands.”

Murphy said he expects to see Hughes at the family’s Christmas party on Sunday.

Hughes recovering well from heart attack