Levine issues bullet points for his economic recovery plan

Already registered with the Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) to run for governor, Franklin Township Mayor Brian D. Levine today unveiled a portion of his economic plan, essentially a macro model based on some of the things he’s done at the local level.


The Republican’s plan focuses on growing a manufacturing economy, eliminating the 2.5 percent tax on new business construction, incentivizing jobs growth through loan guarantees and tax credits to build business and give priorities to New Jersey college graduates, and using federal assistance to obtain and develop foreclosed properties as affordable housing.


“The U.S. and New Jersey have been losing manufacturing jobs but the town in which I am mayor, Franklin, has been growing manufacturing and warehouse jobs,” said Levine.


The prospective candidate said his government employs economic development staff to walk businesses through red tape and regulations and partners with real estate agents to assist Franklin’s business sector.


“This should be expanded to the state,” Levine said. “The goal is jobs. Too many think the goal is regulation and patronage. Government is not always the answer, but it should not stand in the way of the private sector. Now government too often stands in the way.


As the Legislature this afternoon eyeballs a suspension of the 2.5 percent commercial development tax designed to pay for affordable housing, Levine called for a permanent elimination of the tax.


“This will chase away jobs,” said the mayor. “New Jersey is not the only state in the country. If it is too expensive here, Pennsylvania and Delaware are fine alternatives. …If we provide good permanent jobs, this may lessen our need for affordable housing.” Levine issues bullet points for his economic recovery plan