Lineup for December 17, 2008

Why are magazine companies cutting their Web staffs? According to John Koblin, in the current climate "it appears a portion of the magazine world, which was never a quick adapter to the Web anyway, is responding by shoving their Web people right off the boat first. ‘You’re never going to get the traffic that really matters,’ said one publisher at Condé Nast. ‘So it’s a traffic thing, but also, how do you monetize the traffic that you have? It’s impossible.’" Plus: What’s Behind Post Cozying Up to Caroline?

Will new on-air talent be discovered now that networks are letting people go? Felix Gillette talks to New York-based talent-development executives and found that, in the words of Elena Nachmanoff of NBC, MSNBC, and CNBC, “In these times, it’s more important than ever."

Leon Neyfakh writes: "There were a few desperate hours on Monday morning when the layoffs taking place at Farrar, Straus and Giroux seemed like they were being carried out with an unsettling degree of spontaneity. To be sure, the staff had been living in fear of cutbacks for months (who hasn’t?), but the anxiety they experienced during that period was nothing compared to how most of them felt when they heard shortly after coming into work that longtime colleagues across the company were being pulled aside and informed of their redundancy."

Plus: A 25-Year-Old Boy Wonder Wants to Make This a Tech TownBeware L’Homme Fatale!What Really Killed the Office Party?. Lineup for December 17, 2008