Lopez Gets Some Politics Done at a Holiday Party

A reader who attended Brooklyn Democratic leader Vito Lopez’s holiday party at Cono’s last night told me that Lopez “took pains to introduce his co-leader Maritza Davila as his candidate against Diana Reyna, though he did not mention her by name.”

In a brief interview, Lopez said Davilla is “a community organizer” and “she will be a very good city council member.” Reyna had worked for Lopez before getting elected to the City Council. But, as sometimes happens with proteges and mentors, the relationship became strained over the years.

Also in attendance at the party was State Senator Carl Kruger, who, along with two other Democrats, is withholding support for Democratic Senate Leader Malcolm Smith and could give Republicans a chance to hold onto the majority in that house.

Lopez said that nobody displayed any displeasure with Kruger at the event, explaining, “This is a party. This is not a political event. We’re wishing everyone well.”

He added, “Nobody got booed. Even if you came, you would not get booed.” (Which is something of a relief.)

And speaking of county organizations and holiday parties: the Bronx Democrats are having their party at 7 p.m. tonight at the Chippewa Democratic Club. Lopez Gets Some Politics Done at a Holiday Party