Maura Moynihan to Obama: Build Moynihan Station!

Over at the Daily Beast today, Maura Moynihan pens a piece in an attempt to revive movement on Moynihan Station, the long-planned expansion of Penn Station that has chronically been glued to the drawing boards.

The daughter of Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Ms. Moynihan began an advocacy effort for the station after her father’s death in 2003, and has seen multiple plans come and go since with no action:

Five years have passed. No jackhammers or hard hats fill The Pit. But now, amid the ruins of hedge funds and derivatives, the cyclic collapse of Happy Free Marketeers, I hope that Moynihan Station can rise at last. With a new president committed to building great projects to get the economy moving again and a new U.S. senator from New York to succeed our new secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, few things should make more sense than that they become champions of Moynihan Station.

For the constant inaction, despite having hundreds of millions in government funding secured, Ms. Moynihan blames in part the lack of a public campaign by the state to promote the project, which would expand Penn Station into the Farley Post Office across the street.

Back in September, Governor Paterson devoted a speech to the topic of Moynihan Station, saying he intended to move forward on the project if a few outstanding issues could be resolved. At least as of a few weeks back, many of those issues—which include the lack of a main tenant for the Farley building, and the possible cessation of platform timeslots from the LIRR and New Jersey Transit to Amtrak—were still unresolved.

Maura Moynihan to Obama: Build Moynihan Station!