Mid-Morning Read: Bloomberg and Malcolm, Bloomberg and Fossella

State Senator Jeff Klein, the current deputy Democratic leader, will be the Senate's “vice president pro tempore, a position which will put him between [Malcolm] Smith and [Pedro] Espada.”

Viola Plummer has a new job with Inez Barron.

The sale of a Binghamton hotel will still leave that city over a million dollars short in covering the properties debts.

To protest the closure of the Empire State Plaza ice rink, there will be a gathering of six.

The executive of Erie County is wielding his veto ax to cut the budget down.

Concerns have arisen from plan to add public parks to the Adirondack forest preserve.

In Rochester, what started as a cost-saving idea is now the center of a criminal probe.

At $9.2 million, the congressional race between Kirsten Gillibrand and Sandy Treadwell was the most expensive in the country.

The Ithaca Journal wants to hear citizens’ suggestions for cuts to the state budget.

Republicans at the city Board of Elections donated money to…Republicans.

Local Republicans see Bloomberg’s attendance of Vito Fossella’s party as a sign he may seek the G.O.P. line when he runs for re-election.

The Note has a “Caroline Kennedy: 2008” section.

Ken Lovett has more on Kennedy’s jockeying for the senate seat.

The Volokh Conspiracy, belatedly, weighs in on term limits, saying that since there’s no successor to Bloomberg, to continue his policies he has to be elected again.

Christine Quinn’s staffer Mike Arvanites is now the president of the North Shore Democratic Club.

Democratic National Committee member Robert Zimmerman is not a rock legend.

Andrew Cuomo is dating Sandra Lee of the Food Network, and got a good ribbing from his brother Chris [link fixed].

Liz looks at Bloomberg’s relationship with Malcolm Smith.

Ben McGrath recounts the scene at Bernie Kerik’s recent fund-raiser in New Jersey.

Jeffrey Toobin looks at Judith Kaye’s reform of the jury system.

This kid (like many?) wants to interview Obama.

And in this video, a woman says she hopes Bloomberg saves the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.

Mid-Morning Read: Bloomberg and Malcolm, Bloomberg and Fossella