Mid-Morning Read: Caroline Kennedy

The New York Post endorsed Caroline Kennedy for Senate, writing that she is “hardly unaware of the issues.” Also, the board thinks her selection would avoid pandering to any demographic group.

Michael Daly says Kennedy embodies her father’s spirit.

One commenter at the Albany Project called her a know-nothing celebrity with a pedigree.

Carolyn Maloney has a fund-raiser at her Washington D.C. home tomorrow morning.


Ed Towns also has a fund-raiser tomorrow in Washington.

A Brooklyn-based  news outlet raised $2 million.

Today is budget day: expect it to include an “obesity tax.”

Why not just tax all imperfections? asks the Times Union.

Paterson’s budget will call for 3,000 people to leave the state workforce, but not necessarily through layoffs.

It may also eliminate Empire Zones.


And could allow people to buy wine in grocery stores.

After David Paterson signed a bill to collect tax on cigarettes sold by Indian retailers, the head of the Seneca nation said the issue is “not cigarettes, but the protection of the Nation’s treaty rights.” The tribe is contemplating legal action.

Charlie Rangel missed more house votes than any other member of the New York delegation.

Before the Electoral College met, some questioned its existence.


Afterward the meeting, Paterson and Chuck Schumer surveyed damage of a recent ice storm.

Joanna Molloy says Paterson should “lighten up” about a S.N.L. skit that made fun of his blindness.


The AP offers a roundup of Paterson zingers.



Ray Kelly parties, a lot.



Bob Kappstatter says Maria Baez may run for Bronx Borough President.

And in this video, Paterson is asked about Caroline Kennedy, and Fred Dicker has words with a press aide.


Mid-Morning Read: Caroline Kennedy