Mid-Morning Read: Caroline, Malcolm, and Mark Green

Revisiting the issue, The Buffalo News says a list of judicial nominees was "plainly inadequate."

Seneca Nation leaders met with David Paterson last Friday to talk about cigarette taxes.

Kerry Kennedy talks up her cousin Caroline, and Newsday floats the idea that the Kennedys have an anti-Cuomo agenda.

The Washington Post's Ruth Marcus talks about the "fairy tale" quality of Caroline as senator, and an Albany blogger says this approach is like America's embrace of "winking Wasillan" Sarah Palin.

Kennedy or whoever the next senator will has to live with a tradition of spending time in upstate communities.

Bill Hammond compares Malcolm Smith to Plaxico Burress: both shot themselves in the foot.

The Times Union is skeptical that Democratic senators will enact reform if their ranks include Pedro Espada, Jr. as majority leader.

Senate Democrats are saying Republicans took upstate "for granted"–and they won't.

Buffalo Pundit has this take on Senator Bill Stachowski as deputy majority leader.

With all the back and forth yesterday, it was easy to miss the appointments of committee chairs for agriculture, tourism, insurance, and higher education.

George W. Bush will be defending his foreign policy doctrines this morning in a speech at West Point.

Charges were dropped against a man protesting detentions at Guantanamo at the New York State Fair.

Mark Green will shake up the race for public advocate, if he gets in.

A CNN poll shows a remarkable 79 percent of Americans approve of the way Barack Obama is handling the transition. Says one analyst: "that's the sort of rating you see when the public rallies around a leader after a national disaster."

And Below, Caroline Kennedy endorsing Obama earlier this year. Mid-Morning Read: Caroline, Malcolm, and Mark Green